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Doing Zionism in Argentina

Zionist Federation of Argentina Awards the Jerusalem Prize for 2007

In an impressive ceremony, the World Zionist Organization of Argentina awarded the 2007 Jerusalem Prize to journalist Nelson Castro.

Zionist Federations of Latin American Conference

The Conference of Zionist Federations of Latin America (COSLA) coincided with the date of the UN declaration of partition, and was organized by the Department of Zionist Activities to kick off the Six months to Sixty activities.

Zionist Federation of Argentina Celebrates 60 Years

Israeli entertainer, Shalva Berti, captivated the audience with her splendid singing.

Zionist Federation of Argentina Pays Tribute to Volunteers

To celebrate 40 years of the unification of Jerusalem, volunteers of the Six Day War were honored.

"With Israel, For Peace, Against Terror" Organized by the Zionist Federation in Argentina

The Mega Demonstration took place in front of the former Israeli Embassy, which was bombed in 1992.

Zionist Federation of Argentina (OSA) Newsletter

The October newsletter from OSA gives us a glimpse into their many and varied activities

Zionist Organization of Argentina Presents: "Israel Today Problems and Solutions"

Dr. Jose Itzigsohn opened the four part lecture series, "CENTRO CONTEMPORANEO DE ESTUDIOS JUDAICOS Y SIONISTAS" in Buenos Aires.

The Zionist Organization of Argentina Commemorates Rabin Day

The evening, organized by the Zionist Federation together with Hagshama and the youth movements, brought together all the central institutions of the community to pay homage to a great man.

The Zionist Organization of Argentina Presents: "ISRAEL, A CIEN AÑOS DE HERZL".

"Israel, One Hundred Years after Herzl" thrills and inspires audience.

The Trauma of Terrorism Amongst the Israeli Population - lecture by Dr. Yonatan Fine

The Zionist Organization of Argentina sponsored a lecture to learn about the effects of terrorism on the lives of Israelis.

"War Against Terrorism"

The Zionist Organization of Argentina hosts Eli Gambash, the representative of the Israeli Army in Chile, in charge of defense matters.

The Zionist Organization of Argentina Bids Farewell to Ambassador Benjamin Oron

One hundred people came to say good bye to the Israeli Ambassador to Argentina and to salute him on a job well done as he concludes his term of office.

Opening Activity in Honor of One Hundred Years of Herzl in Argentina

The Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) together with AMIA commemorate the centenary of Herzl's passing - exactly 100 years to the day.

From left: Eng. Manuel Junowicz, President OSA; Benny Schneid, Director OSA; Pilar Rahola; Herberto Veiswein, Vice President Keren Hayesod in Argentina The Terrorist Threat and the New European Anti-Semitic / Anti-Israel Trend

Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) hosted Pilar Rahola, famous Spanish journalist and politician for an enlightening and inspirational conference.

With Israel and for Peace

The Zionist Organization of Argentina commemorate Yom Hazikaron and celebrate Yom Haatzmaut

left to right: Cheque Nachach, Ilan Rubin, Benny Schneid, Manuel Junowicz The Director General of the Department for Zionist Activities Visits Argentina

The Argentinean Zionist Organization's (OSA) program for Young Leadership has been accepted into the growing ranks of the Ofakim Project, now operating in Budapest, Nice, and Santiago.

Zionism and Israeli Current Events - Zionist Federations of Latin America in Jerusalem

Israeli Current Events, Zionism, and SOLIDARITY with Israel, are the topics that brought 35 members of the Zionist Federations of Latin America to Israel for a 10 day seminar, sponsored and organized by the Department for Zionist Activities.