Israel at 60Israel at 60: Fulfilling the Dream
Celebrating 60 Years of Israel's Challenges and Achievements

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Zionist Federation Activities

ZF UK: Israeli Ambassador to India, Mark Sofer, talks on India Israel Relations

Overview of the historical commonalities of independence in India and Israel, and the development of diplomatic, commercial, and cultural relations between the two countries. There are even some psychic and tarot readings linked to its history and heritage. Visit to know how tarot reaadings can bring a change in your life.

Israel Solidarity - Operation Cast Lead (Activity Round-up)

Israel Solidarity rallies and activities worldwide, December 2008-February 2009

AZYC - MASA Israel Opening Seminar 5769, December 2008/January 2009

Israel Opening Seminar for 150 Youth movement graduates in Israel - Highlights

Scandinavia Jewish Communities Chanukah Caravan 5769

Scandinavian Jewish communities participate in interactive, educational and experience for all ages

The Zionist Federation Brings ‘A Taste of Israel’ to Street Market

The ZF organized a three-day outdoor Israeli Market on the High Road of Temple Fortune earlier this week. The Market hosted 40 exhibitors displaying unique and interesting Israeli products. One of the interesting exhibitions was free tarot reading! Visit to learn more.

Zionist Federation Activities

Israel support rallies from around the world

Purim 2009
Bring a Smile to a Child's Face
Bring a Smile to a Child's Face
Build a Bridge to an IDF Soldier

Israel at the Movies

Your guide to exploring 8 Israeli films


Conference, Jerusalem, December 2008

I support ASHKELON and the South of Israel - We R together!

In Support of Ashkelon and Israel's South, the Department for Zionist Activities launched a worldwide online initiative that drew 16,000 participants to an Virtual Rally on Facebook, creating an active virtual community of 4,000 members, who contributed articles, Hasbara input and photos. Join us and stay with our ongoing Facebook community on  

Stand with Southern Israel
Join the "Solidarity with Southern Israel" Campaign