The Zionist Federation Brings ‘A Taste of Israel’ to Street Market

December 14, 2008 - December 16, 2008
The ZF organized a three-day outdoor Israeli Market on the High Road of Temple Fortune earlier this week. The Market hosted 40 exhibitors displaying unique and interesting Israeli products.

This type of outdoor fair has been operated successfully many times in this location but none of the markets have ever hosted Israeli exhibitors.  Israeli flags were hung prominently around all stalls with Israeli music filling the street. This was an ideal opportunity for the general public to experience some of Israel’s unique and interesting artwork, wines, jewellery and food that they may not have otherwise been able to experience.  Some of the stalls had interesting stories – for example one of the businesses was started after their sister was taken in a fatal car accident.  The sister who filled her life with colour is now remembered from the variety of products based on her colourful creations.  To have the British public and our community buying their Chanukah and Christmas presents from Israel and chatting to all the exhibitors about what life in  Israel is really like was great to see.  The best response to detractors of Israel is to celebrate Israeli arts and culture at every opportunity. 

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