The territorial Zionist Federation is generally a roof organization that organizes all the Jewish organizations defining themselves as Zionists and individual Zionists who have signed the "Jerusalem Program" and who accept the Constitution of the Federation.

In pursuance of Article 5 Section 1 of the WZO Constitution, every Federation, which accepts the Zionist Program and the WZO Constitution, may be a member of the World Zionist Organization. The admission of a Zionist Federation as a Member is decided, upon the proposal of the Executive, by the Zionist General Council. The decision of the ZGC is valid if it is approved in the presence of a majority of its members with voting rights and by a majority of two-thirds of the voters. Only one Zionist Federation from each country is accepted as a member. Every Zionist Organization must be a member of the Zionist Federation of its country, and every Federation must accept every Territorial Zionist Organization, which is in a sense a national branch of a Zionist world Union.

  1. In pursuance to Article 7 of the Constitution, in order to be a Member of the World Zionist Organization, a Zionist Federation shall comply with the following requirements:

  2. Admit as a member every Zionist body and individual who accepts the Constitution of the Federation and the program of the WZO unless in the opinion of the Federation there exists a weighty reason against such admission. A Federation is not entitled to refuse the admission of a body affiliated with one of the Congress groupings.

  3. According to principles of justice, equality and democracy, it will prevent the membership of bodies or individuals who adhere to or advocate discrimination based on origin, nationality or race and will conduct its affairs having regard to the protection of requirements of all members of the Federation.

  4. Hold at least once every three years a national convention and determine in its Constitution a methods of electing its governing bodies and a method of electing delegates to the convention consistent with accepted democratic principles and which will, inter alia, ensure adequate representation of the Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal, the UJA and the Keren Kayemeth Le'Israel.

  5. Set up a framework encompassing all Zionist youth movements operating in the country concerned, as well as a framework for graduates of youth movements and members of organization of young people.

  6. Establish local branches of the Federation wherever practical.

  7. Stipulate that all bodies officiated with the Federation commit their members to fulfilling their obligations towards the Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal, the Keren Kayemeth Le'Israel and the UJA and that the members of the Executive of the Federation take an active part in the work of the National Funds; it will assure the fulfillment of the above obligation by means of regulations.

  8. Ensure the right of any Zionist body, which has been refused admission as a member, or has been suspended form the membership, to appeal the decision before a Zionist Territorial Tribunal. It will also ensure the right of any person whose membership in any of the governing bodies of the Federation has been suspended, to submit an appeal to the Territorial Judicial Body and from the decision of that body to the Zionist Supreme Court.

Status and Rights of the Zionist Federation

A Zionist Federation, which was accepted as a member of the World Zionist Organization, will be the body together with which the Executive will carry out its functions and obligations. The Executive, the Heads of the Departments and their representatives will consult with the executive body of the Federation or with its authorized representatives as regards their Zionist activities in the area in question.

Every Zionist Federation will determine the manner and the methods of admission of individual Zionists who are not members of any Zionist body as members of the Federation. The Chairmen of Zionist Federations, which are represented at the Congress by 8 delegates or more, who were not elected themselves as delegates, participate in the Congress and in its committees in an advisory capacity. The Executive may invite a further number of Chairmen of Zionist Federations, but no more than 5, to participate in the Congress and its committees in an advisory capacity.

Chairmen of the Federations of countries, which were represented in the foregoing Zionist Congress by at least 3 delegates, participate in the meetings of the Zionist General Council with voting rights on all matters except matters of candidature and elections to the governing bodies of the WZO.

Chairmen of the Federation who participate in the sessions of the ZGC as representatives of Federations will not join any of the Zionist General Council Groupings.