Artist: Erez Vaxman

Experiential Museum

This state-of-the-art 60 minute audiovisual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish state provides a thought-provoking glimpse into Herzl's analysis of the Jewish condition, and offers a moving portrayal of the boldness of his ambitions, the depth of his disappointments, the tumultuous nature of his personal journey, the magnificence of his achievements, the grandeur of his vision, and the challenge of his legacy.

Come, sit with Herzl in a Viennese café at the turn of the last century , and wander the streets of Paris with him in 1894 bearing witness to the Dreyfus trial and the anti-Semitic cries of the mob.

Participate in the drama of the first Zionist Congress convened by Herzl in 1897 , and listen in on his negotiations with the Turkish Sultan in Constantinople and Lord Chamberlain in London.

Travel with Herzl to the Land of Israel for his momentous audience with the German Kaiser in Mikveh Yisrael, and visit him in the study where he penned his diaries and collected his thoughts at the end of each of his diplomatic missions.

Feel Herzl's mounting frustration over his inability to find a solution for the Jews of Europe as they suffered increasingly frequent outbreaks of violence, and share his alarm over the dramatic Kishniev pogrom in 1903.

Partake in the raucous debate overt the Uganda Proposal that Herzl brought before the 6th Zionist Congress, and suffer with him as his heart fails as a result of his exhaustive efforts on behalf of the Jewish people and the Zionist enterprise that consumed his life.

And, together with a triumphant Herzl, contemplate the realities of Israel today against the backdrop of the visionary's fantasies, while reflecting on the contemporary challenges of Zionism, the meaning of a Jewish state, and the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people.


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