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Doing Zionism in Hungary

Heads of the Zionist Federation Present a Letter to the Hungarian Foreign Minister

Adam Schonberger, Executive Director of the ZF of Hungary and Attila Novak Head of ZF of Hungary, wrote a letter to Foreign Minister. Ms Kinga Goncz.

Cionist Szeder-"Zionist Seder"

The Passover seder was well-attended this year.

Tu B'Svat Tu B'Svat

Tu B'Svat bash at Szimpla Télikert with Marom and "Green Youth".

The Herzl Award and the Herzl-Nordau Memorial Medal

The Herzl Award and the Herzl-Nordau Memorial Medal were given out to the recipients on 16 January 2005.

Hanuka Festival 2004 Hanuka Festival in Budapest

For the second time running, Jewish youth organizations of Hungary, including Bnei Akiva, Habonim Dror, Hashomer Hatzair, Kidma and HUJS with the cooperation of Hagshama Department, JDC Hungary and Balint Jewish Community Centre, joined forces to make Hanuka a great party in Budapest.

WIZO - since 1920 WIZO Charity Fair

Organized by the WIZO Hungary Association. All funds will go to charity.

Hungarian Marom Autumn Seminar in Romania

Thirty young Mesorati Hungarians travelled to Timisoara at the end of October to participate in a high level weekend seminar in which they delved into the search for their roots, together with their Romanian colleagues.

"Ofakim" Hungary - Seminar in Israel

The first pilot trip of the new “Ofakim” project took place when 16 Young Hungarian Zionist leaders visited Israel.

The Hungarian Ofakim Group 14-21 November: Ofakim Trip to Israel

The participants of the Hungarian Ofakim (Zionist Leadership Program) will be in Israel for 10 days between 14-21 November.

5-7 November: Seminar and educator’s course of the Jewish – Zionist Resistance

The seminar will focus on the Shoah and Communist times, with many special features, including documentary film, book, videoconference, Szenes Hanna commemoration, etc.

October 21-26: Herzl trip and educational training

The project of Kidma, Zionist Federation will hopefully be joined by other Jewish Organizations… The route is: Budapest – Vienna – Paris – Basel /– Israel?/

10 October 2004: WIZO Fundraising Evening

WIZO Hungary will organize an event for the benefit of the Jewish Community on 10 October at the Goldmark Hall in Budapest. Contributors to the show include Magda Auth, Eszter Biró, Ilona Béres and György Kézdy.

Kidma Seminar in Croatia 1-5 September - Kidma Seminar in Croatia

In Pirovac, the resort of the Croatian Jewish Community, about 20 people from Hungarian Kidma have gathered to enhance leadership skills, and to decide Kidma Hungary's goals and curriculum for next year.

Otto Preminger: Exodus 1-5 September: Theodor Herzl film-week in Budapest

Films were shown at the Örökmozgó Film Museum in Budapest.

7.Jewish Summer Festival 29 August - 5 September: 7. Jewish Summer Festival

A five-act French opera, a concert by the percussion group Amadinda, and Haydn's Creation was just some of the various musical programmes that were offered at this year's Jewish Summer Festival.

23-29 August: Summer Camp and Zionist Seminar at Lake Balaton

Our traditional summer camp was again a great success! For more information please write to Éva Farkas at [email protected]

14-20 August - Hashomer Hatzair – international leaders meeting and seminar

Two participants came from Hungary, who were appointed to lead the movement in Hungary next year.

8-14 August - Kidma – Meretz World Movement Seminar

The seminar will focus on the Israeli-Arab relationship. We are planning to have a group of 6 people. If possible we would like others to join the seminar when they are finishing the Birthright trip.

Sziget Festival 2004 4-11 August - Kidma attended the Sziget 2004 Festival

Over 100 civil organizations were present and provided services during Sziget Festival (

3-8 August - Hashomer Hatzair and Kidma – shooting interviews with members of resistance under the Shoah and the Communist regime

We visited 5-6 survivors to made interviews. We are in the process of making two documentary movies - we've made these interviews for both.


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