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Doing Zionism in Mexico

WZO Latin America Desk representative lectures in Mexico

Andy Faur,from the Department of Zionist Activities, World Zionist Organization, addressed a crowd in Mexico.

L. to R: Maestro Sebastian, sculptor; Israeli Ambassador in Mexico, Mr. David Daddon; Mr. Speckman, President of Comite Central of the Jewish Community of Mexico; Dr. Hugo Yoffe, President of the Mexican Zionist Federation. Jerusalem Prize in Mexico

The coveted Jerusalem Prize was presented to the well-known Mexican sculptor Sebastian.

The Herzl Award Presented by the Zionist Federation in Mexico

El pasado 21 de abril la Federación Sionista de México, honró a los Señores Meny Sambra Cohen y Marcos Metta Cohen, con el Reconocimiento Herzl.

Herzl Art Exhibition in Mexico City

Photography, sculpture, painting and the Herzl traveling exhibition are viewed at the opening of the art exhibition presented by the Zionist Federation of Mexico held in the Jewish Sport Center. More than 50 young Jewish artists from Mexico City show their work at the exhibition organized on the 100 year anniversary of Herzl's passing.

Supporting Alía and Educational Programs in Mexico

The Mexican Zionist Federation working together with the Alia Department of the Jewish Agency participated at the Annual Congress of Looking for Your Future. The all day conference helps high school graduates find a suitable university in Mexico City or around the world.

From left: Dr. Moises Mitrani, President Zionist Federation; Ing. Benjamin Spekman, President of the Central Committee; Sr. David Dadon, Israeli Ambassador; Rabbi Abraham Palti, Rabbi Sepharadic Community;  Lic. Rafael Rodriguez Barrera, recipient Jerusalem Prize; Lic. Eduardo Luis Feher, author and good friend of the FSM; Ing. David Ezquenazi, President Sephardic Community The Zionist Federation of Mexico Awards the Jerusalem Prize to Rafael Rodríguez Barrera

More than 500 people attended the evening in Mexico City, which honored the past Ambassador of Mexico in Israel.

Herzl Exhibition Part of Birthright Tour

During their tour of Israel, eighty young people from Mexico visited "Herzl: Up Close and Personal", the traveling exhibition produced by the Department for Zionist Activities.

The Zionist Federation of Mexico Organizes the 19th Annual Zionist Quiz

The Zionist Federation of Mexico Organizes the 19th Annual Zionist Quiz

Zionism and Israeli Current Events - Zionist Federations of Latin America in Jerusalem

Israeli Current Events, Zionism, and SOLIDARITY with Israel, are the topics that brought 35 members of the Zionist Federations of Latin America to Israel for a 10 day seminar, sponsored and organized by the Department for Zionist Activities.

Ciclo de Conferencias Con el Dr.Ifthaj Treguerman

Dr. Iftach Treguereman, sent to Mexico by the Department for Zionist Activities, lectured to participants from the Jewish community in Mexico City. The charismatic Dr. Treguereman spoke at four conferences and a leadership seminar where his lectures were both informative and entertaining.

Israel Week in Mexico

Over 1200 people attended the opening community-wide event of the annual Israel Week celebration.