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Hasbara and Solidarity Programs

U.K.Zionist Federation Hosts Lord Trimble

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former First Minister of Northern Ireland, Lord Trimble addressed a packed hall.

Israeli Film Guide Realeased by American Zionist Movement

The AZM has released a new guide to eight Israeli films, enabling hands-on exploration and discussion of Israeli society as seen through its cinema. (See link above)

On-Your-Way-Home Meetings of the Danish Zionist Federation in 2008

The lectures included music, politics and everything in between.

Zionist Federation Introduces the Israeli Ambassador to the Community

The Zionist Federation organised a double outing for Mr. Prosor, the new Ambassador from Israel to Great Britain.

The Zionist Federation UK Presents Richard Perle: "Onward to Annapolis"

The Zionist Federation presented Richard Perle speaking on the subject of "Onward to Annapolis: Is the Middle East ready for Peace?"

The South African Zionist Federation and Israel at 60

The SAZF launched its Israel at 60 celebrations with a magnificent Diamond Anniversary Concert at Johannesburg's Linder Auditorium on 14 November, 2007.

The Zionist Federation of Australia Hosted a Visit by Shlomo Goldwasser

Shlomo Goldwasser, the father of Ehud Goldwasser one of the soldiers captured last summer, has not seen his son for the past 14 months. He spent the past week in Australia as a guest of the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) as part of a national awareness campaign to highlight the distressing plight of his son Ehud, as well as comrades Eldad Regev and Gilad Shalit.

American Zionist Movement Hosts Fun Days for Citizens of Sderot

Sderot residents, living under a barrage of Qassam rocket fire, were treated to fun and educational day trips by the American Zionist Movement.

Heads of the Zionist Federation Present a Letter to the Hungarian Foreign Minister

Adam Schonberger, Executive Director of the ZF of Hungary and Attila Novak Head of ZF of Hungary, wrote a letter to Foreign Minister. Ms Kinga Goncz.

WZO Latin America Desk representative lectures in Mexico

Andy Faur,from the Department of Zionist Activities, World Zionist Organization, addressed a crowd in Mexico.

The Zionist Federation Celebrates Yom Yerushalajim in Denmark

Journalist and MP Soren Espersen told about his new book, “The Israeli War of Independence and the Danish volunteers”.

American Zionist Movement Marches in Salute to Israel 2007

Thirteen active duty Israeli soldiers were present on the float sponsored by the AZM and Jewish Agency.

On-Your-Way-Home Meetings in 2007

Many varied activities were presented by the Danish Zionist Federation in 2007.

On-Your-Way-Home Meetings in 2007

Many varied activities were presented by the Danish Zionist Federation in 2007.

Jews and Christians Come Together To Lobby Parliament in London

The Zionist Federation (ZF) along with its partners Christian Friends of Israel held a very successful Lobby of Parliament in support of Israel.

Greater Manchester, Zionist Central Council (ZCC) Joins Lobbying at Parliament

Several Executive members represented the Manchester ZCC at the Zionist Federation (ZF) lobbying of parliament at the Houses of Parliament in London when Karnit Goldwasser addressed a capacity audience of ZF and Christian Friends of Israel members and supporters.

South African Zionist Federation 2006 Solidarity Concert of the Year

Close to 1000 people attended the concert of three musical maestros, which was hosted by the SAZF and the Jewish National Fund of South Africa, with generous sponsorship from the World Zionist Organisation.

Copenhagen Expresses Its Solidarity with Israel

The Danish Zionist Federation along with other Jewish organisations as well as our Danish friendship organisations arranged a solidarity meeting at the synagogue in Copenhagen.

MP Professor Ewa Bjoerling, the recipient of the Jerussalem Prize 2006, addressing the crowd Report from Israel Rally in Stockholm Organized by the Zionist Federation

Heavy rain started pouring over Stockholm half an hour before the rally was scheduled to start. By the time we assembled at Raoul Wallenberg’s Square on 20 August at 6 p.m. the skies had cleared, the sun was shining – a perfect Support Israel Rally kind of weather.

"With Israel, For Peace, Against Terror" Organized by the Zionist Federation in Argentina

The Mega Demonstration took place in front of the former Israeli Embassy, which was bombed in 1992.


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