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Herzl Centenary and Award

Herzl Award 2007 in Chile

The Herzl Award 2007 was awarded to two young Zionist activists, Andrés Abramovicz and Marisol Garriga.

Zionism: Close Up and Personal in Tucson

Temple Emanu-El is hosting an exhibit that commemorates the life of one of Israel's Zionist founding fathers, Theodor Herzl.

Herzl Award Recipients 2007

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2007 winners of the fourth annual Herzl Award, initiated by the Department for Zionist Activities to commemorate the Centenary of Herzl's passing.

Remains of Grandson of Founder of Zionist Movement reinterred in Jerusalem

The Government of Israel and the World Zionist Organization repaid the historic and moral debt to Binyamin Ze'ev (Theodor ) Herzl.

Daniel Berke Recipient of 2007 Herzl Award, Manchester Federation

The prize was presented to Daniel Berke, a 29 year- old Manchester crime lawyer, by Zionist Federation president, Prof. Eric Moonman at the AGM of the Manchester Zionist Central Council. Dan was nominated by the Manchester Zionist Central Council, of which he is its youngest executive member.

Alberto Moryusef Awarded 2007 Herzl Award in Venezuela

The Herzl Award was presented to Alberto Moryusef, a young, tireless volunteer who is now serving as the Vice-President of the Federation.

Herzl Award recipient, Dmitri Vasserman (left) with Ambassador Eviatar Manor and Bo Sallmander (right), Chair of the Zionist Federation Dmitri Vasserman Herzl Award Recipient in Sweden

The Zionist Federation of Sweden presented the Herzl Award to Mr. Vasserman, a young Zionist activist, at the annual meeting of the Stockholm section of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association.

The weight on our shoulders

This week, two of Herzl’s children were laid to rest on the Jerusalem mount bearing their father’s name.

Herzl Award Recipients 2006

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2006 winners of the third annual Herzl Award, initiated by the Department for Zionist Activites to commemorate the Centenary of Herzl's passing.

The Zionist Federation of New Zealand Presents The Herzl Award

Mazal Tov to Phil Koningham on receiving the Herzl Award for his dedication and commitment to the United Israel Appeal.

The Zionist Federation of Australia Brings the Herzl Exhibit to the Community

Herzl: Up Close and Personal, the travelling exhibit produced by the Department for Zionist Activities, celebrates the visionary of the Jewish state on the 100th anniversary of his passing and has proved to be a welcomed new resource for educational institutions in Australia – both formal and informal.

left to right: David Collins, Ambassador Zvi Heifetz and Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks Mizrachi Zionist Federation in London Presents the Herzl Award to David Collins

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan and Lady Elaine Sacks were amongst those praising David Collins, 21, on his receiving the 2005 Herzl Award. The award was initiated in 2004 to commemorate the centenary of Herzl's passing, by the Department for Zionist Activities of the World Zionist Organization.

(left to right) David Berkley, vice-president; David Levinson, retiring hon treasurer; Lord Mayor of Manchester Cllr Mohammed Afzal Khan and the Lady Mayoress, Dr Shkeela Kayani, Filis Rosenberg, executive director; Lucille Cohen, president; Gideon Klaus, Hon. secretary Zionist Central Council of Greater Manchester Presents the Herzl Award to Jonathan Hantman

The Manchester Zionist Central Council AGM proved a varied and popular event for more than 100 representatives and individuals who attended at Mamlock House - a most appropriate venue for presenting the Award.

The Herzl Award Presented by the Zionist Federation in Mexico

El pasado 21 de abril la Federación Sionista de México, honró a los Señores Meny Sambra Cohen y Marcos Metta Cohen, con el Reconocimiento Herzl.

The Zionist Federation of Sweden Presents "Herzl: Up Close and Personal"

Some 40 people from the Jewish community of Stockholm gather in the Jewish Center there to enjoy an evening of Herzl.

The Jerusalem Prize and the Herzl Award Presented by the Zionist Federation of Denmark

The two prestigious prizes were presented at a reception at the Israeli Embassy in Denmark

From left to right: Ron Weiser, Ambassador Tamir, Mrs. Katsav and President Katsav HERZL AWARD to Dr Ron Weiser, President, Zionist Federation of Australia

Dr Ron Weiser, in his 10th year as President of the Zionist Federation of Australia and the Australian recipient of the inaugural Herzl award, was awarded the prize by the Israeli Ambassador, Naftali Tamir in the presence of the President of the State of Israel, Mr Moshe Katsav.

The Herzl Exhibit in Serbia

The Jewish Communities of Serbia translated the Visitor's Guide into Serbian in order to make the most of the traveling exhibit as it winds its way throughout the country.

Festive Kabalat Shabbat with the Zionist Federation of Greece

The Greek Zionist Federation, in cooperation with the Jewish Agency in Athens organized a Kabbalat Shabbat in the Athens synagogue where the "guest of honor" was Theodor Herzl.

The Herzl Award: an original bronze sculpture by Michael Katz The Herzl Award 2004-2005

The Department for Zionist Activities is pleased to announce the recipients of the Herzl Award.


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