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Aron, Jeremy

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Jeremy Aron, 28, grew up in Manchester, England as a member of Habonim-Dror, the Socialist-Zionist youth movement, and made Aliyah in January 2002. After many years working in informal education, he established a non-profit organisation based in Misgav facilitating volunteering and informal education in socioeconomically deprived Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods in northern Israel, and informal education for groups visiting the region. Jeremy lives in an urban kibbutz, Kvutsat Yovel, which recently moved to Migdal HaEmek from its previous location in Jerusalem.

Jewish Holidays:  Hagadda for Shavuot
The Tikkun Leil literally “night of healing” is a tradition which refers to a night of learning and discussion on the festival of Shavuot. This haggadah is intended to guide you through the evening with readings, discussion points, songs, activities and recipes for that cheesecake it is customary to eat on Shavuot. [Full article...]
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Jewish Holidays:  Hagadda for Purim
This Haggadah follows the Book of Esther and highlights the many themes, customs and mitzvot associated with the festival. You can follow it as 'seder' with 4 cups of wine for four themes, with a breaj for the feast, or just use it as a resource. The choice is up to you. Interdispersed throughout this guide are topics for discussion, ideas for celebrating the festival, comments and commentaries for Jewish and Zionist sources, songs, stories and much more. [Full article...]
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Purim