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Chertok, Haim

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Haim Chertok lives in Beersheva and teaches at Ben-Gurion University.
After growing up in the Bronx, acquiring degrees from Fordham and Penn, and serving in the army, in 1976 made aliya from California. He contributes
regularly to THE JERUSALEM POST, and has published dozens of articles in periodicals such as TIKKUN, GRANTA, MOMENT, CONGRESS MONTHLY and MIDSTREAM.
One of his four books--STEALING HOME--was awarded the National Jewish Book Award for 1988. He is married to the former Maggie Davidson and has four children.

An Insiders Guide:  Beersheva
A wide-eyed Californian on a ten-day high, I encountered Beersheva in the early-70s on my first visit to Zion. Aside from its tawny, tawdry brownness, what most struck my imagination were thoroughfares named Avraham Avinu and Yitzhak Avinu. How piquant, how JEWISH to be driving down Father Abraham Street. B'RAISHIT reports our Patriarch spent considerable energy digging and securing wells, without which life in this habitat was unthinkable. Today Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Ashdod, each in its fashion as amorphous as LA, are leastwise lapped by the perpetual play of brine and spray, but the edge of the Old City, even the kitschy enclosure labeled Abraham's Well, of dubious provenance, is only virtually damp. [Full article...]
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Israel and the Environment:  Spinning Plastic Into Gold?
Haim Chertok looks at environmentalism in Israel and wonders whether we'll ever try to address the ecological impact of what we do with our garbage or will we keep on proffering the same worn out excuses. Recycling bins have begun to appear on our streets and a new law was passed regarding returning our empties back to the shops. But is it really helping? [Full article...]
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