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Cohen, Chaim Yochanan

Chaim Yochanan Cohen came to israel in 1991 from rhode island as a "sherut la'am" volunteer. The 10-month volunteer program eventually kept Chaim in israel for 10 years, as he found regular employment in journalism afterward and made aliyah in 1994. A resident of the religious community of Kochav Ya'akov, located north of Jerusalem, Chaim worked as a content editor
for two hi-tech companies, and now writes on a free-lance basis. He is married to a Dutch olah, and the couple are proud parents of a young "sabra".

Insights From The Kabbalah:  The Struggle Over The Temple Mount
The Temple Mount. In Hebrew, Har HaBayit. No other religious site arouses as much passion and controversy as this particular piece of real estate. Within the context of Israel's present-day situation, control over Jerusalem's destiny is like the fury of a hurricane, with the Temple Mount encompassing the very eye of the storm. Endless political and historical commentaries have been written about this particular storm. However, standard textbooks cannot explain the deeper underpinnings of the existential struggle for control over the Temple Mount. Fortunately, the esoteric writings of the Kabbalah provide lucid answers not only to the multi-faceted triumphs and tribulations of daily life for the Jew, but also to the core mystery surrounding the Temple Mount. [Full article...]
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