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Finkelberg, Ezequiel

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Ezequiel Finkelberg was born in Argentina in 1973.

He taught Jewish History and Judeophoby at the Iona Hebrew Center in 1998, and then became the director of the Youth Department and the Madrichim Training Program at the same institution.

As a journalist he published several articles both in the Argentinian-Jewish newspaper “Comunidades” and with the Hagshama Department Website, and has covered various events for Argentinean and Spanish radio stations.

After his Aliyah, he started working with the Jewish Agency’s Zionist Seminars. Since 2001 he’s been co-teaching “Israel in the Eyes of the World” at the Machon Lemadrichei Chul.

At present, he runs the “Malas Noticias” (Bad News) website (, a project that seeks an objective coverage of Israel events in Spanish speaking media.

The Palestinian leadership confesses:  The El Aqsa Intifadah: Everything Was Planned
For reasons which are related to simplicity and over-simplifying-certain major facts regarding the El-Aqsa Intifadah have been omitted by the world press. Statements made by the Palestinian Minister of Media and Telecommunication: Imad Al Faludji, demonstrate a pre-meditated design, on the part of the Palestinian Autonomy. This upsets the easy equation of Palestinian stone-throwing children up against Israeli soldiers, armed to the teeth. [Full article...]
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A Media War:  Please Don't Blame the Guilty
If you don't read the news you'll be uninformed, and if you read the news you'll be badly informed…….Mark Twain In this article the author takes a critical look at the media and its coverage of the violent outbreaks in the territories. As the Anti-Defamation League of the Bnai Brith insisted, we are not asking the media to always defend Israel's position-we are asking it to be objective. But the field of international communications only communicates the Palestinian view. [Full article...]
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