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Fishman, Hertzel

Hertzel Fishman was one of the first officials in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a department head in the Ministry of Education and Culture, and a member of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors. He has taught at universities in Israel and abroad, has authored five books.

The Zionist Imperative:  Statehood vs. Peoplehood
Israelis today tend to distinguish more and more between their identity as Israeli nationals and their identity as members of an historic Jewish people. This tendency is encouraged by a small minority of articulate spokespeople from Israeli literary circles. The ideas of classical Zionist thinkers such as Ahad Ha'Am and Ben Gurion are contrasted in this article with those of modern writers, such as Hillel Halkin, Amos Oz, A. B. Yehoshua and Boas Evron, who call for a “normal” national society in Israel, bereft of Jewish trappings. The author argues that nationalism cannot replace religion in Israel. [Full article...]
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