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Hartman, David

Prof. Rabbi David Hartman writes and lectures on a wide range of subjects in Jewish philosophy and theology, such as Pluralism and Diversity, Judaism and Modernity, Conversion and Jewish Identity, and Interfaith Relations.

The Zionist Imperative:  ALIYAH: The Transformation and Renewal of an Idea
Discourse and thinking about aliya needs to be reconceptualized. Since most Jews in the world no longer need a safe haven, aliya should be thought of as acting on the aspiration to live an enhanced Jewish life. This necessitates that Israeli society be an arena in which individuals come together to elevate themselves spiritually for Jewish nation building. Religious holidays and symbols, as well as liberal Jewish values should be given public expression. [Full article...]
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Pesach and the family:  The Burdens of Freedom
That the family seder rather than a large public gathering should be chosen as the vehicle to transmit the message of Pesach, the liberation of the Jewish people, is not without reason. The role of the family is central in this historical birth of the Jewish people. A society without strong familial relationships runs the risk of developing totalitarian characteristics. This is why despotic regimes view a strong family unit as a threat to political stability and social conformity. [Full article...]
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