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Jospe, Raphael

Raphael Jospe, a specialist in medieval Jewish philosophy, teaches in the Department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University, and also in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-International School. Dr. Jospe is the author or editor of eight books in English and several dozen scholarly articles in Hebrew and English, and most recently of a three-volume Hebrew history of Jewish philosophy in the Middle Ages (published by the Open University of Israel). He is also editor of the Jewish philosophy division of the new (revised, 2nd) edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica that will be coming out soon. A resident of Jerusalem and the father of seven children, Dr. Jospe serves as a major (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces.

:  The New Anti-Zionism and the Old Antisemitism: Transformations
A comprehensive analysis of the evolution and impact of Antisemitism and Zionism over the centuries and in modern times. [Full article...]