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Lash Balint, Judy (Ms.)

Judy Lash Balint is a Jerusalem-based journalist and writer and author of
Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times. (Gefen, 2002)
Ms. Balint has written for the N.Y Post, Christian Science Monitor, Jerusalem
Post, Ha'aretz - Magazine Section, The Forward, Seattle Times, Seattle P-I,
Montreal Suburban, Moment Magazine, Jerusalem Report, Whistleblower Magazine,
Midstream, Bnai Brith International Jewish Monthly, London Jewish Chronicle,
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish Action, Emunah Magazine, Amit Magazine and
numerous US Jewish weeklies.

Ms. Balint is a senior correspondent with The Media Line ( and columnist for and

She has been a featured guest on CNN USA and CNN International. Her commentaries are carried on Israel National News Radio (

Ms. Balint serves as Jerusalem correspondent for the Dave Ross Show on Seattle's CBS affiliate, KIRO Radio, 710AM and occasional commentator for the Lee Rodgers Show on KSFO/ABC Radio in San Francisco.

Prior to making aliya, Ms. Balint served as national director of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha headed by Rabbi Avi Weiss. She was a vice president of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews and the founder of Seattle Action for Soviet Jewry.

There’s no question of the pivotal role played by the media in the current Middle East conflict. The images flashed around the world have crystallized international opinion and perceptions of both Palestinian and Israeli behavior. What is in doubt, however, is how the journalists who shape that opinion go about their business in this volatile and often dangerous climate. [Full article...]
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Here and There:  High Holydays
Studies show that certain Jewish rituals are widely observed, even by assimilated or secular Jews. The most popular tradition is attendance at a Passover seder, but a close second is showing up to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services. [Full article...]
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Rosh Hashanah
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Yom Kippur

Aliyah:  Then and Now
Balint looks at the way aliyah, and the way people make aliyah, has changed since the 1960's and 1970's. [Full article...]
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The Status of Jerusalem Around the World:  Represented in Jerusalem
As Israel gets ready to celebrate Jerusalem Day, commemorating the reunification of the city 36 years ago, most nations of the world still consider Jerusalem to be in“ a special category”—neither the symbolic nor administrative capital of Israel. [Full article...]
International Relations
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Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Yom Yerushalayim

That Time of Year Again:  Fourteen Ways you know Pesach is Coming to Jerusalem
Ever wondered what Jerusalem is like around Passover? Read this article. [Full article...]
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Pesach

An Insiders View:  Working the Polls
So, the results are in—"The People Want Sharon," as the Likud campaign slogan proclaimed. But what went on at the polling stations, in the neighborhoods, behind the scenes? [Full article...]
Israel > Politics

Attacking Iraq Again:  Gas Masks Out Of the Closet?
For more than ten years, they've been tucked away in the back closet of every Israeli household. The last time we took them out was about five years ago, when we dusted off those ugly brown oblong boxes in response to some minor standoff with Saddam Hussein. But in recent weeks, radio, TV and newspaper public service ads have been exhorting us to bring our old gas masks in for replacement. [Full article...]
Aliyah InfoBase > Life in Israel

Graffiti in Israel:  The Writing on the Wall
What does graffiti tell us about the environment from which it comes? Judy Balint explores the political, cultural, and religious messages embedded in Jerusalem-area graffiti. [Full article...]
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Judaism > Israeli Judaism