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Matas, Jared

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Jared Matas, 25, made aliyah last year to be a part of Kvutsat Yovel, a Habonim Dror socialist 'communa' in San Simon, Jerusalem. He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto. Jared hasn't eaten a Big Mac since the Madrid Peace Talks, but looks forward to the day he can stroll down Ben-Yehuda drinking a 7-11 Slurpee.

Israeli Society:  Jerusalem neighbourhood says no to globalization
Many Israelis were convinced that the post-September 11th "International War on Terror" would help Israel's stature on the global stage. "Now they know what we go through" was a common refrain heard from Israelis in the days following the terrorist attacks in the States, referring to the daily tension associated with living in a country where you never know when the next car, bus or pizzeria is going to explode. Since September 11th, Americans are now experiencing what has become a part of daily Israeli life - the anxiety of not knowing when terror will strike next. Like Israelis deciding whether or not to go to the mall, Americans are now struggling with the difficult task of weighing the risks of participating in such everyday activities as driving over a busy bridge in rush-hour, attending a crowded sports event or even opening the mail. Despite similarities between daily life in Israel and America post-September 11th due to the constant threat of the next terror attacks, there is a conflict of a much different nature taking place in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Baka, which also indicates Israel's achievement as a Western developed country. [Full article...]
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