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Pinner, Dina

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Dina Pinner made Aliya from England at the age of 29 in October 2000 and absolutely loves it in Israel. She has worked for various Jewish organisations with various religious affiliations from Reform to Ultra Orthodox, sometimes simultaneously (no, she never told them). Dina grew up in a family that aligned itself politically and religiously with Bnei Akiva and was in the movement for many years. She has worked for the Masorti movement in England and Israel since 1996. Today she describes herself as ‘datiya leshavar’. She is currently teaching in the Conservative Yeshiva and working with Nativ, the USY year scheme in Israel. Dina is also a counsellor and graphologist.

Personal Narrative:  Wednesday Night On French Hill
I will always know what I was doing at 7:30pm on Wednesday 9 Tamuz 5762, 19 June 2002 because that's the day the world became smaller and will never be completely full again. Everyone in Israel has their own date. This is mine. This essay is about life without Gila Kessler who was killed the third Wednesday of June 2002, on French Hill. She was my brother's best friend. [Full article...]
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