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Ravitzky, Aviezer

Ravitzky is Professor is Professor in the Department of Jewish Thought, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His works include, "studies in the Philosophy of Hasdai Crescas." the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities, Jerusalem 1888 (in Hebrew) "Messianism and Zionism" Ofakim Library- Am Oved, Tel Aviv 1988 (in Hebrew).

The Zionist Imperative:  On Torah, Zionism and Peace
While the land of Israel is central to the Jewish people, the idea of placing the acquisition of specific tracts of land over other key Torah values is inconsistent with traditional Jewish texts and Jewish history and, in our day, immoral. Although we may sometimes be pushed to take up the sword, this is a distasteful last resort and never a source for glory. It is a religious Zionists' obligation to protest against violent stances and to teach the meaning of human dignity. [Full article...]
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Religous Zionism of Another Kind:  Redemption and Covenant
At the turn of the century, one of the prominent rabbis of the time, Rabbi Eliakum Shlomo Shapiro of Grodno, condemned the Zionists of his day. [Full article...]
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