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Richlen, Lisa

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Lisa Richlen grew up in Seattle, Washington and formally made Aliyah in September of 2000. In May of 2000 she received her Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on Conflict Resolution and Education, from Lesley College in Boston. Her Master's thesis focused on the Religious/Secular conflict in Israel. She is currently the English Language Webmaster for the Hagshama Department of the WZO.

The Conflict and the Solution:  Religious and Secular Jews in Israel
Since the Rabin assassination, more attention has been focused on relations between religious and secular Jews in Israel. This article, based on first-hand interviews with relevant organizations, explores what some organizations are doing to bridge the divide. [Full article...]
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Contradiction and Compatibility:  A Jewish and Democratic State
Israel defines itself as both Jewish and democratic- concepts which often conflict with each other. This article will give the reader a better sense of those points of tension in current Israeli life and ways in which they can be dealt with. [Full article...]
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Trends in Israeli Judaism:  Then and Now
Jews who come to Israel from other places in the world, particularly where liberal streams of Judaism are dominant, are often confused by the different Jewish groups in Israel. This article presents major religious groups in Israel while giving the reader some historical background and current context for understanding them. [Full article...]
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