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Rose, Daniel

Daniel Rose, originally from England, has studied at Yeshivat HaMivtar in Efrat, and holds a B.A. in Jewish Studies, a teaching certificate, and an M.A. in Religious Education from the University of London. He has worked as a high school teacher and in various youth movements, including Bnei Akiva. Daniel currently teaches for various organizations, including Young Judea and Netzer.

Relating to God :  My Father, My King, My Lover
This article, provided by Ta Shma, explores our relationship with God, particularly during the High Holydays. [Full article...]
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Rosh Hashanah
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Yom Kippur

Poland and Israel one half century after the Holocaust:  Poland - An educational and inspirational experience?
Many people have criticized the constant flux of Zionist oriented students between Poland and Israel as a failed attempt to instill Jewish identity in today’s disaffected youth via the "scare tactics" of the Holocaust. This article presents an objective educational vision of the entire process as an important component in the creation of an activist oriented, pro-Zionist outlook. [Full article...]
Judaism > Jewish Identity