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Rotenstreich, Nathan

Nathan Rotenstreich is professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author of Essays on Zionism and the Contemporary Jewish Condition.

Return from Exile:  The Primacy of Israel
I suggest that the concept of Israel's centrality in relation to the Diaspora be replaced by Israel's preferential status, its primacy, over the Diaspora. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

Zionism in Modern Times:  Can There be a Revival of Zionist Ideology?
The sit­uation in which we lack a Zionist ideology today is characterized by two elements: the existence of the State of Israel and the shift of world Jewry to the American continent. These two elements must be seen not as dependent upon each other, but as coexistent. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora
Zionism > Zionism Revisited

In Hindsight:  On The Historical Position of The State of Israel
In consequence of the reality in which we live, the question of the nature of the relationship between the State of Israel and Diaspora Jewry has taken a form which none of the classical Zionist thinkers and leaders had foreseen. [Full article...]
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Zionism and Modernity:  Of the Modern Origins of Zionism
It was, no doubt, Zionism, both as an ideological setting and as a movement, that brought about the existence of the State of Israel. [Full article...]
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