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Scham, Paul

Paul L. Scham, a former Washington lawyer, is a researcher at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has lived in Jerusalem for six years and works on Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Jordanian joint research projects.

Middle East Conflict:  The Saudi Initiative: What Does It Mean?
In war and peace, as in love and courtship, timing and mode of expression are usually just as important as the message itself. [Full article...]
International Relations
Peace Process

NGO's and Their Role in Resolving the Arab-Israeli Conflict:  Rebuilding Confidence Between Palestinians and Israelis: Some Hope?
New contributor Paul Scham takes an optimistic look at the joint Israeli-Palestinian initiatives still being done by Non-Governmental Organisations. He argues that these civil society organizations must seize this window of opportunity. [Full article...]
Peace Process
Peace Process > The Palestinians

Jewish People:  Marx on the Jewish Question
Andre Shapiro's latest offering reflects on Karl Marx's opinions on the Jewish Question and highlights the relevance and value of Marx's views today. [Full article...]
People > 1789-1860: Haskala (Emancipation)