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Schvindlerman, Julian

Julian Schvindlerman is a political analyst currently based in Geneva and a regular contributor to The Miami Herald and Communidades, a Jewish biweekly of Argentina. He was also Jerusalem and Washington correspondent of Comunidades. He is the author of Land for Peace, Land for War (Spanish).

"Un Momentito, Senor":  The 20 Seconds That Made History
Eichmann, a Nazi war criminal directly responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, was captured in Argentina in 1960. This article details the daring operation. [Full article...]

Human Rights in Palestine:  Crime and Punishment in the Palestinian Autonomy
We all know that the primary cause of death in the first Intifadah was the PLO’s murder of suspected Palestinian collaborators. Once the Oslo process had begun, and the Palestinian Authority was an established fact, then summary executions, the liquidation of undesirables at the behest of more or less regular militias, became regular facts of life in the nascent Palestinian state. Palestinian human rights activists would be well prepared to study this document for reference in the very near future. [Full article...]
Peace Process > The Palestinians

The El Aqsa Intifadah:  The Use Of 'Excessive Force' By The Israeli Army
The term "excessive force", when applied to the Israeli army, should be applied on the basis of balanced standards of international criterion. There is no need to summarily view our Arab neighbors, who do not hesitate to erase the remains of thousands of their own citizens when the latter are deemed as a threat to the regime. And even in comparison to the more "progressive" First World nations, Israel adheres to a strikingly moderate military policy. All this and more-although none of it seems to affect CNN's Middle East ratings. [Full article...]
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Peace Process

On the front line:  The Arab Boycott: Economic War Against the State of Israel
During the first thirty years of Israel’s existence, the Arab boycott had a devastating effect on Israel’s economy. Many large multinationals succumbed to boycott pressure, refusing to do business with the Jewish state. And despite its current lack of effectiveness, the issue of the economic boycott is one again taking center stage in the current round of confrontations. [Full article...]
International Relations
Peace Process

Pope John Paul II in Israel:  The Vatican and the Holocaust
On the occasion of His Holiness the Pope’s visit to Israel, it is worthwhile to reflect upon the overall state of relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish people. In recent times, the Church has requested a historical "pardon" from various communities, the Jews among them. Forgiveness is begged for sins committed by the "church faithful", but not by the Church itself. Regarding the particular role of the Vatican during the Holocaust, all references made to this point have been quite vague…while in other instances almost vindicating the actions of Pope Pius II. We are at the very beginning of the long road to reconciliation. [Full article...]
International Relations

Israeli Society in a State of Trance:  The 52nd Anniversary of the Creation of the State of Israel
Two clashing visions of society shape modern-day Israel: on the one hand, we have the post-modernist wave, imported from overseas; and on the other hand we have post-Zionism, which is causing the pillars of Israeli society to rot from within. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism Revisited

Doctrine and Impact of the New History:  The Politicizing Of History
The new Israeli historiography, which consists in overturning the basic principles of Zionism, is harshly attacked in this article. The old truths, the author claims, have been replaced by new lies, and the implications for Israeli society are indeed ominous: it is in the field of education that the destiny of the country will be decided-we will either collapse under the weight of our own guilty consciences….or perhaps, we just might gather enough strength to survive. [Full article...]
Zionism > Post-Zionism