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Segal, Ariel (Dr.)

Ariel Segal is a journalist and writer who has a Doctorate in History, International Studies and Jewish Studies.

He has lived in Peru and Israel and has worked as a teacher, lecturer, and journalist. He is also an analyst for Middle Eastern affairs on the Spanish news program of the BBC network and on Latin American issues for the Spanish broadcast of Kol Israel, the Voice of Israel. Currently he is teaching at two Peruvian universities and writes a weekly columns in a newspaper on international issues.

Far-flung relatives in the Jewish world     :  The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel: Looking for The Remnants
The literature dealing with the mysterious Ten Lost Tribes of Israel is so staggeringly vast that we can only hope to provide a brief outline. Undeniably, the concept of our far-flung brothers scattered to the four corners of the globe has lit the imagination of the Western World for many centuries; today, with the existence of the Jewish state, the legend has become a political dilemma: should Israel, according to its own Law of Return, recognize as citizens of the state every group that proclaims itself as a descendent of The Ten Lost Tribes? [Full article...]
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