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Shragai, Nadav

Hebron Jews:  How Easy it is to Hate Them
What is it that makes the Jews of Hebron such a target of hatred, not only by the Palestinians, the Arabs, the world, but also by a majority of Israelis too? This article approaches the issue with wisdom and sensitivity. [Full article...]
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Amona as a symbol?:  Fed Up With the State
The evacuation of Amona brought with it many diverse sentiments within the Religious Zionist public. A year and a half later, the wounds have still not healed and the discussion on the issue is very alive. [Full article...]
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Understanding the Storm in a Teacup:  The gate of the Jews
We are again witnessing a dispute over the area around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is one of many disputes that have been going on between the religions throughout history, and this time it is over a bridge that is being rebuilt to reach one of the gates of the Old City. This article presents the background to this dispute. [Full article...]
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