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Soloveitchik, Joseph Dov (Rabbi)

Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik (known affectionately as the "Rav") was the intellectual and spiritual leader of this generation's Modern Orthodox movement. Born in Poland into a distinguished rabbinical family, Soloveitchik studied Talmud and halacha (Jewish law) almost exclusively until his early twenties. In his late teens, he learned secular subjects with a private tutor, and at the age of 22 entered the University of Berlin. He majored in philosophy, and in 1931 received his doctorate for his dissertation on Hermann Cohen's epistemology and metaphysics. His breadth and depth of knowledge - both in Jewish subjects and secular ones - made him unique among modern rabbis. Through his teaching at Yeshiva University, he influenced and became the role model for thousands of young modern Orhtodox rabbis.

Soloveitchik's Lonely Man of Faith :  Thoughts on The Two Creations Stories
There is no doubt that the term "image of God" in the first account refers to man's inner charismatic endowment as a creative being. Man's likeness to God expresses itself in man's striving and ability to become a creator. [Full article...]
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