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Spero, Shubert

Shubert Spero is Iriving I. Stone Professor of Jewish though at Bar Ilan University. Rabbi Emeritus of Young Israel of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. Author of "Morality, Halakha and the Jewish Tradition" (Ktav, Yeshiva University Press, 1983).

Judaism and Zionism:  Is There a Crisis in Religious Zionism
In discussing the ideological posture of religious Zionism, a balance must be maintained between what are perceived to be its problems and weaknesses and its strengths. [Full article...]
Zionism > Religious Zionism

Messianism and Religious Zionism:  The Religious Meaning of the State of Israel
To an individual committed to a traditional Jewish orientation, the question of the nature of the significance of the state of Israel remains a disquieting problem. [Full article...]
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