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Tepper, Aryeh

Aryeh Tepper is a doctoral student of Jewish Thought at Hebrew University. He is also a research fellow at the Ernest Schwarcz Center for Judaism, Ethics and State at Beit Morasha.

Freedom of the Individual:  Judaism and Democracy
A commonly held view is that Judaism and liberal democracy necessarily exist in conflict with each other. This view finds adherents among both liberal democrats and Orthodox Jews. There are liberal democrats who consider Judaism to be a paternalistic religion that is hostile to freedom, and there are Orthodox Jews who consider liberal democracy's separation between church and state - the public and the private spheres - to be atheistic in intent and permissive in practice. [Full article...]
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Autocrats and Fundamentalists:  Arafat's Fundamental Interest
In his latest article, Aryeh Tepper suggests that it is time to dismantle the Palestinian Authority, including the removal of Yasser Arafat from power. He claims that Arafat is content to continue the conflict with Israel because it deflects his own critics away from the corruption within the PA. [Full article...]
Peace Process
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War On Terror:  Back To The Basics
Aryeh Tepper, in his latest article, views the US strategy on its war against terror as playing into the hands of the enemy. A plan based on Western Democratic values cannot address the complexities of fundamentalism. [Full article...]
International Relations
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Response to the Tragedies in North America:  Terrorist Values
In the wake of the terrorist attacks upon the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, the natural reaction is that people want to know who did this, and why. After the culprits will be apprehended, or in this case, after the sponsors of the attack will be identified, people will then begin speculating and reasoning about the material cause of the terrorists’ behavior. It’s all too random and senseless. Why would anyone want to knock down the Twin Towers? What does it accomplish? [Full article...]
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Political Conundrums:  The Tragedy of Ehud Barak
Ehud Bark’s dizzying descent from power was almost as dazzling as his early triumphs. But even the political pundits in Israel were not prepared for such a crushing defeat. A trenchant observation making the rounds in Israel is that Barak was a speeded up version of the Netanyahu entanglement. Let’s see why.... [Full article...]
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