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Tourkin-Komet, Sue

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Sue (Yaffa) Tourkin-Komet made Aliyah from Washington DC in l968. She is fluent in English and Hebrew and has also studied French and Russian.

With her Social Work License from the Israeli Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, Sue has worked as a social worker in Hadassah and Shaarei Tsedek Hospitals, the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and in the town of Beitar Elite.

She also holds a Press Card from the Israeli Government Press Office, and has interviewed Holocaust Survivors for the Brookdale Institute of Gerontology-JDC {Joint Distribution Committee} as well as being a graduate of Steven Spielberg's intensive one-week course for Holocaust Interviewers.

In addition, Sue has been an English Editor for psycho-metric test material at the National Testing Center.

As a Freelance writer, part-time artist, part-time social worker, and a Matchmaker, Sue has been published in publications in Israel, USA, Canada, and England.

She has been an 'Advice Columnist' and 'Restaurant Reviewer Columnist' and has also won 2 modest art contests and been in a few modest group art exhibitions, in Gilo, Kiryat Arba, Tel Aviv, and Washington DC. As a 'Poetry Performer' at Poetry Slams in Jerusalem, Sue has had a few of her poems published.

Sue is a single parent [divorcee, whose ex-husband was killed tragically in 2000] and mother of one daughter.

A Story of Successful Absorption :  Aliyah from Iraq
This is the story of the immigration of Iraqi Jewry, the oldest Jewish Diaspora on our planet, and their settlement in Israel. [Full article...]
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Jews Around the World

Iraqi Jews in Israel:  Two Iraqi Jewish Museums in Israel
The first of two articles on Iraqi Jewry in Israel, this article explores Iraqi aliyah to Israel and the Shavuot pogrom that helped to trigger it through two Israeli museums dedicated to this community. [Full article...]
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Museums and Memorials

So Many Choices, So Little Time:  Tu B'shvat Seders
Sue Tourkin-Komet takes us on a tour of Tu B'shvat sedars in Jerusalem, while giving us a flavor of of the various options and how they reflect different dimensions of the holiday. [Full article...]
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At a Carlebach Concert?!:  An Inter-Faith Date
It was bound to happen, sooner or later, that I'd "spill out" some of my kishkes (intestines) about How, Why, When, and Where I first went to a Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach concert. [Full article...]
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Who needs to earn a living anyway?:  On the Joys of Unemployment
As Israel battles one of its worst recessions ever, Sue's personal account of her own unemployment, gives us a humorous and lighthearted look at how to overcome what could otherwise be a very stressful experience. [Full article...]
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My Jewish Identity:  All I'd Meant To Do
Sue Tourkin-Komet finds herself reflecting on her Jewish experiences as a youth, sparked by an encounter in a Medical Center in Jerusalem. [Full article...]
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Russian Roots:  Almost Rushin’ To [Almost] Learn Russian
When Sue Tourkin-Komet went to study Russian at Beit Ha'am - Peoples University, she wondered what her grandparents would have thought, a century after they left Russia for the New World. [Full article...]
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