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Ud, Tziki

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Tziki Ud was born in 1953 in Jerusalem. His father is a holocaust survivor and his mother is a fourth generation Israeli which makes Tziki an authentic Israeli. During his childhood in Jerusalem, Tziki had the honor of witnessing the implementation of the first traffic lights. In the army he served in Nachal and is a medic for his reserve duty. As a university student, he studied education and informal education and served as a student shalich in South Africa. For seven years he worked with Ethiopian immigrants at an absorption center. He currently manages an information center for olim and tourist. The center advises olim on their rights, and works with olim and tourists to secure work permits for Jewish tourists, register for ulpanim and help 'lone soldiers' in Israel or others interested in Israeli army programs. He married an American immigrant and they are the proud parents of three children.

Aliyah Preparation:  New Business Equipment
PLEASE NOTE THAT RULES AND REGULATIONS FREQUENTLY CHANGE. THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD BE USED AS A GUIDE ONLY. Just remember that if you start a business, all income, by law, should be reported to the Income Tax Office, and all services provided should be documented by an official Sales Tax Receipt. [Full article...]
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