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Williams, Judith

Identity at Work:  Exodus, Kibbutz and The Gym: Important Jewish Experiences
In this article, our columnist Joppy looks at the multifaceted levels of identity as such, and then transposes these levels to the particular quandary of the 21st century Jew. Her field of reference ranges from Martin Buber to the local aerobics center, and provides fresh and revealing insights into a hotly disputed problem. [Full article...]
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Diaspora Culture Vs. Israeli Pre-eminence:  Raising Jews on South Park & Seinfeld
North American Jewry makes up over 43% of world Jewry (with Israeli Jewry the second largest at 36%). In fact between Tel Aviv and New York we have a third of the total world Jewish population. If we are going to try and understand Diaspora Jews we should probably look to America. It is, after all, the most dominant Jewish culture outside of Israel. [Full article...]
Jews Around the World
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Post-modern Judaism and personal choice:  Learning From Rosanne and Madonna: Postmodernism and Being Jewish
The fact that certain non-Jewish celebrities may have found greater value in Jewish tradition than fellow Jews is symptomatic of the malaise afflicting our global society, as the individual, overwhelmed by choice, makes none. In this article, Joppy takes issue with the blurring of particularist identities and suggests that the surest road to integration lies in first knowing ourselves, and recognizing our own parameters. [Full article...]
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