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Wistrich, Robert S.

Director of The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Still much to be achieved:  Herzl and the Challenge to Anti-Semitism
Herzl was far too “Eurocentric“ and secular-minded to imagine that Zionism might provoke the reawakening of fundamentalist Islam and turn Israel into a prime target of Jihad. As a liberal cosmopolitan humanist, he too readily believed in the inexorable march of material progress, science and technology which were bound to overcome fanaticism, barbarism, and superstition. [Full article...]
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Judaism under Threat:  Zionism and Myths of Assimilation
The Zionist movement from its inception regarded assimilation as one of its central enemies, as a mor­ally degrading position for any self-respecting Jew to adopt. [Full article...]
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