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Yehoshua, A. B.

A.B. Yehoshua is one of Israel's most widely-read authors. He was born in Jerusalem and now lives in Haifa where he has taught and served as Dean of students at the University of Haifa. On his father's side, his family has lived in Jerusalem for five generations. His mother is from North Africa.
From the mid-1950s through the 1960s and 1970s, Yehoshua's writing was full of suspense and allegories. He is similar, in this respect, to Kafka and S.Y. Agnon. He wrote stories questioning the foundations of the Zionist state as well as "old man" type reminiscences.

The Diaspora controversy:  The Jewish Neurosis of Golah
Instead of trying to temp and induce Jews to come here, we mush coldly expose the pathology, immorality and hypocrisy of the Golah. We must start a quarrel with the most warm-hearted of Jews, the Jews who are most loyal to Israel, for they are our public. [Full article...]
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A Definition:  Who is a Zionist?
The question who is a Zionist is often a sterile debate over semantics, rather than one of any substance. The controversial Israeli author, A. B. YEHOSHUA, sorts his way through to a conclusive definition. [Full article...]
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