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Blum, Brian

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Brian Blum graduated from Oberlin College in 1983 with a B.A. in Creative Writing. He writes the syndicated column "This Normal Life" available online at and Jewish newspapers across North America. A podcast version is available on the This Normal Life website. HIs columns on parenting appear at Brian also runs, an online publishing service for budding bloggers. He moved to Israel in 1994 and lives in Baka, Jerusalem, with his wife and three children.

Communication and the High Holidays:  When Words Fail
Although the words may be predominantly about our subservience to the one true God, the ultimate goal of prayer, I've always believed, is to positively influence our own sense of self so as to improve our interpersonal relationships and to make the planet a better place. Isn't that the highest goal in Judaism tikkun olam fixing the world? [Full article...]
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Services Like You've Never Heard Them:  Yom Kippur Groupies
Ebn mixes Israeli pop tunes, snatches of reggae, classic folk (Greensleeves is a favorite), Sefardi nigunim, the best of Carlebach of course, and urban rap. [Full article...]
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Celebration and Mourning in Jerusalem:  Dancing With the Snakefish
A free concert was recently held in memory of the two American students killed at Hebrew University. Blum explores the seemingly incongruity of the event. [Full article...]
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