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Communication and the High Holidays:  When Words Fail

Although the words may be predominantly about our subservience to the one true God, the ultimate goal of prayer, I've always believed, is to positively influence our own sense of self so as to improve our interpersonal relationships and to make the planet a better place. Isn't that the highest goal in Judaism tikkun olam – fixing the world? [Full article...]
By: Brian Blum
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Events and Activities Ideas:  Women's History Month - Rosh Chodesh - March 2002

The day of the new moon-- Rosh Chodesh-- is the name given to the first day of any new month on the Jewish calendar. The lunar cycle plays a critical role in the marking of the holidays and cycles of nature for the Jewish people. [Full article...]
By: 12th House 
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Jewish Style Comparisons:  Elul and Rosh Hashana

Elul, the month of forgiveness in the Jewish calendar, wends its way through Jewish tradition, from the poetic references of the Cabbalists to the stern moral insights of Maimonides, from Genesis and Abraham’s pact with God, through differing Ashkenazic and Sephardic prayer norms. Rosh Hashanah, as Artie demonstrates, affords us the possibility of truly understanding these concepts in the Bible and Talmud, and in our own lives. [Full article...]
By: Artie Fischer
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Time and the Jewish Tradition:  The History and Structure of The Jewish Calendar

Artie Fischer examines the interlocking circles of Jewish festivals and the meta-historical and metaphysical life cycle of the Jewish tradition. Chronological symbolism provides the key to understanding important issues of the sacred and the profane, as well as marking the historical events which would shape the course of Jewish history. Artie details here the unique Jewish perspective on time, in relation to the generally accepted (in the West) frame of calendar reference. [Full article...]
By: Artie Fischer
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:  Two for the Price of One

The names of the Jewish months are actually Babylonian and were brought back to Israel by Ezra and Nehemia after the Babylonian Exile. Until the naming of the Jewish months, they were simply known as the "first month", the "second month", and so on, starting their counting with the month of Nissan (when Passover falls out) and NOT with Tishrei (Rosh Hashana). So Rosh Hashana actually happens in the seventh month. [Full article...]
By: Robin Treistman
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