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Resources and articles on Jewish History

@ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age
0070 - 0600: Talmudic Age
0600 - 1789: Middle Ages
1789-1860: Haskala (Emancipation)
1860-1948: Early Zionist Age
1948-Today: Modern Zionist Age
This Month in Jewish History

Israel:  The Persistence of Vision

"Any Jew who makes aliyah from the United States is certainly not doing so because of anti-Semitism. We come to be connected to this land. We come to be connected to this enterprise of building a Jewish country." [Full article...]
Jewish History

Biblical Philosophy:  Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and timeless

The book of Ecclesiastes is a philosophical account of the attempt to find happiness by a man who has everything. Written in the name of “Kohelet son of David, King in Jerusalem,” the book has traditionally been attributed to Solomon, who reigned during the golden age of Israel’s united kingdom, in the tenth century B.C.E. Twelve chapters long, it is one of literature’s earliest encounters between faith and reason: The author struggles to believe that life is meaningful despite his experience of the world. The book’s inclusion in the Hebrew Bible is therefore remarkable, testifying to Judaism’s interest not only in divine revelation, but also in man’s exploration of the meaning of life and mortality. [Full article...]
By: Ethan Dor-Shav
Jewish History
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Contextualizing Jewish History:  The Tenth of Tevet

In the overall context of seminal events in Jewish history, the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Teveth does not occupy one of the better known issues. Yet, as Artie's latest entry makes clear, date-the date in which the prophet Yechezkel received the revelation of the siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian forces, serves as one of the landmarks in Jewish tradition, a date whose overall impact and importance can be likened to the shattering effect of the Kennedy assassination in the United States. [Full article...]
By: Artie Fischer
Jewish History

Food for thought at the gates of the new millenium:  Tragedy, Indifference and Hope

The last century has been both the bloodiest and the most promising period in Jewish history. The following article attempts to strike a balance between both sides of the coin, and reflects upon what will be the likely trends characterizing the Jewish people in this new millenium. [Full article...]
By: Tzví Hasson
Jewish History

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