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Biblical Philosophy:  Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and timeless

The book of Ecclesiastes is a philosophical account of the attempt to find happiness by a man who has everything. Written in the name of “Kohelet son of David, King in Jerusalem,” the book has traditionally been attributed to Solomon, who reigned during the golden age of Israel’s united kingdom, in the tenth century B.C.E. Twelve chapters long, it is one of literature’s earliest encounters between faith and reason: The author struggles to believe that life is meaningful despite his experience of the world. The book’s inclusion in the Hebrew Bible is therefore remarkable, testifying to Judaism’s interest not only in divine revelation, but also in man’s exploration of the meaning of life and mortality. [Full article...]
By: Ethan Dor-Shav
Jewish History
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age
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Zion in the Sources:  Yearning for Zion

Have you ever wondered where the world 'zion' actually comes from? This article explores Zion in the Bible, aggadot, customs and laws, ancient and modern poetry, and through the Zionist movement itself. [Full article...]
By: Briana Simon
Artistic Expressions
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age
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Fact or Fabrication:  The King Jehoash Inscription

If there were any lingering doubts about the national significance of archaeological discoveries in Israel, they would have surely been dispelled last month with the announcement of the finding of a stone inscription purported to be from the 9th century BCE, and thus of Biblical vintage. [Full article...]
By: Mordechai Beck
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age

Sharonah's history classes:  Ramses and Nebuchadnezzar: Model Enemies for Modern Times

Following a series of brutal terror attacks, in which innocent people who were not involved in any political posturing in the Middle East Conflict were killed, we attempt to get on with our lives. In order to do so, we continue to study Jewish texts in the overall context of History: these books continue to provide us with fascinating windows on the present. [Full article...]
By: Marcelo Kisilevski Sharonah Fredericko
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age
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Peace Process > Terrorism

Exodus in English:  Exodus

From the time when Jacob and his sons went to Egypt, through Moses upbringing, talks with God, the plagues in Egypt, Moses leading the people out of Egypt, the division of the Red Sea, 40 years in the wilderness, till Israel came to the borders of the land of Canaan. [Full article...]
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age

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