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Sharonah's history classes:  Ramses and Nebuchadnezzar: Model Enemies for Modern Times
Following a series of brutal terror attacks, in which innocent people who were not involved in any political posturing in the Middle East Conflict were killed, we attempt to get on with our lives. In order to do so, we continue to study Jewish texts in the overall context of History: these books continue to provide us with fascinating windows on the present. [Full article...]
Jewish History > @ Beginnings of time - 70: Biblical Age
Judaism > Jewish Texts
Peace Process > Terrorism

Sharonah's history classes:  The Ten Lost Tribes: When Dreams Die
In times of trouble, the Jewish people have held steadfastly to their myths.. One of these is the ten Lost Tribes, whose discovery will supposedly guarantee the coming of the Messiah. It is intertwined with the very idea of Jewish solidarity, a postulate which Sharonah questions. In today’s class, Sharonah unleashes a no-holds barred attack against those who preach Jewish solidarity, but do not practice it. Watch out for the barbs! [Full article...]
Jews Around the World > Lost Tribes

Sharonah's history classes:  Freud and the Jews
For our rather irreverent scholar in residence, the Judeo-Zionist world would do well to vindicate Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. However much he may have been an assimilated Jew in the already assimilated intellectual circles of Vienna, Freud took stock of his Jewish roots in the fashion he knew best - psychoanalytically - and produced his opus "Moises". Criticizing, in a Freudian manner, (of course), certain myths. Nonetheless, compared with his critique of Christianity, the barbs he hurled at Judaism could almost be termed "affectionate". [Full article...]
People > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age

Sharonah's history classes:  Middle East-Nationalism with a Human Face: The Impossible Dream?
The constant waves of terrorism and reprisals which Israel is at present enduring, lead us to ponder the nature of nationalism itself. For Sharonah, nationalism has always been a perverse version of Midas and the golden touch- touching collective identity, it turns it to dust. We are not talking about getting rid of national identity. The question is how can we humanize it. [Full article...]
Judaism > Jewish Identity
Peace Process > Terrorism

Sharonah’s history classes:  Syria, Assad's Son And All The Rest Of Us
With the death of the Syrian dictator Hafez el Assad, who paralyzed the Middle East and in particular, the peace process, through the use of totalitarian control and terror, the region enters a new phase. His son Bashar may eventually involve himself in that process, or he may continue to remain aloof, as he has done. And all this uncertainty was the subject of our talk for this month. [Full article...]
Peace Process

Sharonah’s history classes:  Jews and Palestinians: Who Let the Genie of Hatred and Mutual Fanaticism Get Out of the Lamp? Stop it quickly!
For our favorite historian, the guilt for the ongoing war between Israelis and Palestinians is pretty equally distributed on both sides of the Green Line. For Sharonah, recent events are the result of unbridled right-wing nationalist extremism on BOTH sides. Quite skeptical, but no less idealistic, Sharonah believes that the solution must be imposed by a third party, as Jews and Palestinians do not appear to be capable of doing it. [Full article...]
Peace Process

Sharonah's history classes:  Monsters in Jewish Tradition (Or, The Moral Dilemmas of Cloning)
Judaism has confronted the whole gamut of human problems and dilemmas, leaving no stone unturned. Even the quandaries of modern science would seem to be an updated version of ethical issues previously detailed in our ancient sources. And for those doubting Thomases, don't miss this brilliant expose, in which Sharonah tackles Moses' and Rambam's stance regarding the little sheep-clone, Dolly. [Full article...]
Judaism > Cholent: Little bit O' this, Little bit O' that

Las clases de Sharona:  Relaciones Israel-Diáspora: Una Pareja Dispareja
Casualmente, como siempre, me encuentro con Sharona el sábado a la tarde. Tocaban jazz en Barood, un pintoresco restaurante de Najalat Shivá, el primer barrio construido fuera de las murallas de la Ciudad Vieja de Jerusalem, allá por el siglo pasado, y hoy convertido en un "delta" de callejuelas peatonales, turístico si los hay. Entre saxos y blues, Sharona me cuenta que los maltratos de Israel a la diáspora no comenzaron con la ley de conversión religiosa. Este, sin embargo, es un punto culminante, sin precedentes. Pero la culpa, para ella, no la tienen los ultraortodoxos. [Full article...]

Conversing with Haim Hayet, Director of the Hagshama Department, regarding the last Vaad Hapoel - Article I:  Towards a Young Zionist Revolution
The last Vaad Hapoel, for those not directly involved in the theme, may have appeared highly irrelevant. But the fact of the matter is, that a number of resolutions taken may spread the hope, however faint, that the Zionist movement need not die of hunger or old age. This is particularly true regarding the motion passed which stated that 25% of all delegates to the next Zionist Congress be under the age of 30! [Full article...]
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