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Hertzberg, Arthur (Rabbi)

(1921 - ) US Conservative rabbi and author. Hertzberg, born in Poland, grew up in Baltimore. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary and served as Hillel director at Smith College for one year. He is a visiting professor in NYU, Emeritus professor for religions in Dartmouth University and was a professor of Jewish history in Columbia Unoversity. Among his books are: 'The Zionist Idea' (1959) an anthology about the intellectual history of the Zionist movement; Judaism (1961) and French Enlightment and the Jews (1968)

Contradictions in the Modern Jewish Life:  CHAPTER FIVE
The issue of religion in Judaism is waiting for a redefinition "not to be at war with the world and to live by the code that you have inherited". [Full article...]
Judaism > Israeli Judaism

:  America is Galut
The Jew cannot settle down in freedom to be himself, "just like everybody else." When in his own inner consciousness he begins to approach a real feeling of at-homeness within the larger society, what remains of his Jewish identity is too little and to personalized to sustain a community. It inevitably follows that there is only one possible mode for the survival of a Jewish community in a free society. It can live only by emphasizing what is unique to itself and by convincing its children that that uniqueness is worth having. [Full article...]
Jewish History > 1948-Today: Modern Zionist Age
Jews Around the World
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Diaspora Jewry:  The American Context of Galut
For all the matters that are crucial to the actual experience of the individual Jew, as Jew, within America, the tempo of life as such has inevitable to favor Christianity and to act against Judaism. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

Diaspora Existance:  Zionism in a Multiethnic World
A hundred years ago, Theodor Herzl proposed a radical idea-that the Jewish people would find a "normal" place among the nations if it reor­ganized itself into a nation-state. That would be the solution to "the Jewish Problem." [Full article...]
Jews Around the World
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

Zionistic thoughts:  New Age Zionism: Holding On as the World Turns
When Theodor Herzl launched the modern Zionist movement in the 1890's he knew that life for humankind would be different in the next century. He proposed a radical idea: The Jewish people would find a "normal" place among the nations if it organized itself into a nation-state. We must ask the question: What is different today, on the eve of the next century, the first of a new millennium? [Full article...]
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