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Jabotinsky, Ze'ev (Vladimir)

(1880-1940) Zionist activist, solider, orator, writer and poet: founder of the "Jewish Legion during WW I. Jabotinsky greatly influenced a large section of the Jewish people and as head of the Betar movement was the undisputed source of inspiration to many thousands of Jewish youth, particularly in Eastern Europe.

As a member of the editorial board of the Zionist journal Razsvet, he played a leading role in the evolution of Zionist ideology in Russia. Jabotinsky also crusaded in Russia against anti-Semitism, Jewish assimilation and the quasi-nationalism of the Bund. He lectured all over the world, actively collaborating on dozens of publications in many languages and drawing attention to the shortcomings of Zionist political policies and economic methods in Palestine. With the outbreak of WW II, Jabotinsky demanded the creation of a Jewish army to fight the Nazis alongside the Allied armies and a united Jewish representation at the future peace conference. He sailed for the US in 1940 to enlist Jewish and non-Jewish support for the Jewish Army. However, he died suddenly of a heart attack during a visit to the Betar summer camp near New York City.

Return to the Jewish Homeland:  Zionism and the Land of Israel
In this paper, Jabotinsky argues for Jewish settlement in the historic land of Israel. [Full article...]
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The basis of the Betarian viewpoint consists of one idea: the Jewish State:  The Ideology of Betar
The duty and aim of Betar is very simple though difficult: to create that type of Jew which the nation needs in order to better and quicker build a Jewish state. In other words, to create a "normal", "healthy" citizen for the Jewish nation. The greatest difficulty is encountered because, as a nation, the Jews today are neither "normal" nor "healthy" and life in diaspora affects the intelligent upbringing of normal and healthy citizens. [Full article...]
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