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Jacobson, Ben

Ben Jacobson is a freelance creative who has been living and working in Jerusalem since making aliyah in October 1999. A few months after completing his undergraduate work in Mass Communications and Advertising at Boston University, Jacobson took over
as the editor of IT Magazine, the English-language culture guide to Jerusalem. Today Jacobson also serves as Art Director for the creative communications boutique Studio IT, an extension of IT Magazine.

Society:  The Anglo Jerusalemite Stereotype Guide
So varied and established is the English-speaking community in Jerusalem that one can even generalize about the types of English-speakers who frequent particular areas of the city. Of course, generalizations like these are inherently flawed in that they give an over-simplified picture, but below are five easy categories of Jerusalemite Anglos and several characteristics that help identify them. [Full article...]
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Nightlife: Intifada Style:  Monday Nights at Home in Jerusalem
Just how dead is Jerusalemís nightlife? Has the intifada really killed what few options for going out there once were? [Full article...]
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Peace Process > Terrorism

A Visit to Mt. Meiron:  The Galilean Springtime Carnival of Amulets and Fire
During a trip to Mt. Meiron for Lag B'Omer, Ben Jacobson gets more than he bargained for. [Full article...]
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Lag B'Omer

A Reverse Pilgrimage:  Back to the Diaspora for Passover
Jacobson, a new oleh, struggles with the meaning of going 'home' to his family in the diaspora for Passover. [Full article...]
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