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A Visit to Mt. Meiron:  The Galilean Springtime Carnival of Amulets and Fire

During a trip to Mt. Meiron for Lag B'Omer, Ben Jacobson gets more than he bargained for. [Full article...]
By: Ben Jacobson
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Lag B'Omer

Beyond the Bonfire:  The Flames of Lag Ba’Omer and the Messianic Dream

Lag B'Omer is more than just the building of gigantic bonfires. Read on... [Full article...]
By: Deborah  Meghnagi
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Lag B'Omer

Events and Activities Ideas:  Lag B'Omer - April 30 2002

The 33rd day of the Omer celebrates the ending of a plague that besieged the students of Rabbi Akiva during the second century. In all 24,000 would perish from this horrific plague. [Full article...]
By: 12th House 
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Lag B'Omer

The story of Bar Kochba - a hero or a fool?:  A Revolt

Few characters are as enigmatic as Simon Bar Cosiba better known as Shimon bar Kochba. Literature and Legends abound. Historians are divided: Some call him a hero who, despite the desperate situation, tried to unite the Jewish people and overthrow the oppression of Rome. Others believe he was an egomaniac with almost Messianic illusions of grandeur. There is little accurate information written about him. Some of what we know are from the Judean Desert Documents found by Yadlin, from Talmudic Legends, the Roman Historian Dio Cassius, and Eusebius a third Century Church historian. [Full article...]
By: Eli Birnbaum
Judaism > Holidays with a Twist > Lag B'Omer

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