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John, Nik

Nik John, made aliya from England over 5 years ago and joined up with a group of Habonim Dror bogrim from South Africa on Kibbutz Tsora.
Since then he has worked with overseas and Israeli youth in various capacities, translated and edited various academic books and articles, and finally understood basketball. He is currently writing his doctorate on globalization and Israeli society at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Interview with the writer A.B. Yehoshua:  Saramago: the most brutal face of European thought
The Portuguese writer Josť Saramago's statements have awakened anger in different sectors of Israeli society. At the request of the Hagshama website, the famous Israeli writer A. B. Yehoshua replies to the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner, while Israeli readers and bookkeepers are organizing themselves to establish a boycott against Saramago. [Full article...]
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Minorities in Israel: The Bedouin:  The Bedouins of the Negev confront a modern society
The title of this article is highly indicative of the attitude most Westerners have towards not only the Bedouins, but by and large towards any minority that can be considered traditional. The underlying assumption is that in confrontations between modern and traditional cultures, it is always the traditional one that will ultimately realize the benefits of embracing the modern culture. The title of this article could just as well have been "a modern society confronts the Bedouins of the Negev", implying that Israeli society has as much difficulty in understanding the Bedouins as they have understanding Israeli society. The on-going encounter between Israeli society and the Bedouins will leave its mark on both parties. The Bedouins' situation in Israeli society adds one more dimension to the discussion on the minorities in Israel. [Full article...]
Israel > Israeli Arabs

Jews in Italy:  Fascism and Zionism
New contributor Suzanna Kokkonen provides an historical background to the Jews of Italy and describes in detail the existence of Jewish Fascists and their relationship to Zionism. [Full article...]
Jews Around the World

Response to Rotbart and Schvindlerman:  Globalisation and Israeli Society
Our Zionism Vs Post-Zionism debate rumbles on, with an article by Nik John responding to Sergio Rotbart and Julian Schvindlerman. Which side of the debate are you on? [Full article...]
Zionism > Post-Zionism

Army Vocabulary:  So You Think You Can Speak Hebrew?
You've been in the country a couple of years, and you feel like you've survived some of the hardest bureaucratic endurance tests that humankind could possibly invent. The local Misrad Ha'Pnim is no longer the frightening, alienating, cold and merciless place it once was. You know better than to sit in the wrong queue for hours on end (without a number), and you quietly chuckle to yourself as you see the latest victim, fresh off the plane, looking for the correct counter to receive his identity card. Pah, you say to yourself, my identity card is so old that the plastic is already peeling off the corners. [Full article...]
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