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Bible as a source of literature:  Kafka and the Bible

Franz Kafka was commonly considered to be an assimilated Jew, and, at face value, his writings have nothing to do with Judaism. However, on closer examination, even though one would not necessarily look upon Kafka as a religious writer, many Jewish ideas can be seen in his work. [Full article...]
By: Ilan Bloch
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Literature:  Voice of the Muses

Four Israeli women writers discuss life, literature, politics. [Full article...]
By: Dana Ruppin
Artistic Expressions > Literature
Israel > Israeli Arabs
Judaism > Jewish Women

Hayyim Nahman Bialik and S.Y. Agnon:  An Introduction to Modern Israeli Literature

Hayyim Nahman Bialik and Shmuel Yosef Agnon are the two masters of Modern Hebrew Literature -Bialik in verse and Agnon in prose. The distinctive and unrivaled artistry of each, notwithstanding, an examination of some shared aspects of their literary activity places their accomplishments in sharp focus. [Full article...]
By: Daniel Grossberg
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Girl on the Train and Other Stories:  The Enterprise

Until God decides one day to pay his debt to humanity and bring down food again from heaven, if not a little piece of bread from the mouth of hell, most folks must survive and make-do with the little they have. [Full article...]
By: Elazar Larry Freifeld
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Journalism as Literature:  Journalism and Cultural Stereotypes

Sharonah's latest offering explores the world of journalism, anthropology and of course, Israel. Amongst other things, she argues that journalism can reflect the culture in which it operates, just as well as a good book. [Full article...]
By: Sharonah Fredericko
Artistic Expressions > Literature
Israel > Advocacy
Media and the Press

The Rise and Fall of the Builders of Zion Bulletin:  Finchley Cowboys

Our movement's bulletins discussed anything and everything -from nuclear disarmament and ethical relativism to the future of religion and, of course, Zionism. [Full article...]
By: Mordechai Beck
Artistic Expressions > Literature
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

Unemployment in a Southern Town:  High Noon in Ofaqim

This is part of a series of fictional stories which examine a variety of social dilemmas in Israel. In this story, the author examines the issue of unemployment in the south of Israel. [Full article...]
By: Guy Schultz
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Social dilemas:  'It's only ecstasy: Take One'

This is the first in a series of fictional stories which examine a variety of social dilemmas in Israel. [Full article...]
By: Guy Schultz
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Literary Criticism:  The Jew of Malta, Revisited

A little corruption is good for the soul, and Christopher Marlowe’s 'The Jew of Malta' is not a saint, not by a longshot! Purity is reserved for virgins and prophets; the one soon to be corrupted, the other, it would appear, soon to be reformed. Contrary to Shakespeare's Shylock, in 'The Jew of Venice', Barabas, the anti-hero of this remarkable play written in 1588, is neither a devil nor a prophet in need of redemption. [Full article...]
By: Elazar Larry Freifeld
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Jewish Short Stories :  The Leftist

He saw her carrying a sign in French protesting the American involvement in Vietnam. She was pretty, but then there were many good looking girls in the demonstration. This one caught his attention more than the others, but there was no point in dwelling on her for too long. For a second he thought she looked at him, but he wasn't sure. Hank had been in Paris for three days. He had been to the tourist sights and had done a lot of walking. Now seeing his American counterparts in a demonstration made him feel that his kind of people existed here as well. The same jeans and long hair, the same arty looking girls. The men looked like friends, the girls held promise. 'What the hell, I'll join them,' thought Hank. [Full article...]
By: Mordechai Kramer
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Interview with the writer A.B. Yehoshua:  Saramago: the most brutal face of European thought

The Portuguese writer José Saramago's statements have awakened anger in different sectors of Israeli society. At the request of the Hagshama website, the famous Israeli writer A. B. Yehoshua replies to the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner, while Israeli readers and bookkeepers are organizing themselves to establish a boycott against Saramago. [Full article...]
By: Gabriel Ben Tasgal
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Jews and Gentiles in the Fictional Mirror:  Borges on The Jews

Two of the greatest writers of the last century, Jorge Luis Borges and James Joyce, illustrated the dilemmas of modern day humanity by focusing on the plight of the Jew: for Borges and Joyce, the Jewish condition was the perfect metaphor for a deeper understanding of the individual and society. Despite the two writers’ very genuine appreciation for the Jewish spiritual and intellectual tradition, they have not been granted sufficient attention in the Jewish world. In this informative piece, Gustavo Perednik sets out to set the record straight. [Full article...]
By: Gustavo Perednik
Artistic Expressions > Literature

as retold with a bit of license by Eli Birnbaum:  The Concise History of the People of Chelm

Jan 1996 Within Jewish folklore there is no city more famous then Chelm (discounting Brooklyn, of course). It being Purim and all that, sit back and relax like our forefathers did with a decaf capuchino and a doughnut. Enjoy, it's Purim! What else are you going to do? [Full article...]
By: Eli Birnbaum
Artistic Expressions > Literature

Is it possible for a man to doze off and dream continuously for seventy years? :  Choni the Circle Maker

R. Yohanon said: Through all the days of that righteous man, he was troubled about the meaning of the verse "A Song of Ascents. When the Lord brought back those that returned to Zion, ,we were like unto them that dream" (Ps. 126:1) [Full article...]
Artistic Expressions > Literature
Judaism > Cholent: Little bit O' this, Little bit O' that
Judaism > Jewish Texts

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