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Kramer, Mordechai

I grew up in Philadelphia where my father had a newsstand. From the age of nine till seventeen I stood on the corner with my father selling papers.
I lived in the East Village of New York in the early sixties. From there I went to Europe for two years and then wound up in Israel seven months before the Six Day War. From Kibbutz I joined the army, went to the Hebrew University, became religious and went to Yeshiva. I was married, have five children and work as an administrator for a medical company. In the past I worked as a high school teacher and social worker and house painter. I now live alone in the in Kochav Yacov, a small town just past Pisgat Zahev.. I have had short stories published in The Jerusalem Post, Midstream and an assortment of small literary magazines, both in English and in Hebrew translation.

Jewish Short Stories :  The Leftist
He saw her carrying a sign in French protesting the American involvement in Vietnam. She was pretty, but then there were many good looking girls in the demonstration. This one caught his attention more than the others, but there was no point in dwelling on her for too long. For a second he thought she looked at him, but he wasn't sure. Hank had been in Paris for three days. He had been to the tourist sights and had done a lot of walking. Now seeing his American counterparts in a demonstration made him feel that his kind of people existed here as well. The same jeans and long hair, the same arty looking girls. The men looked like friends, the girls held promise. 'What the hell, I'll join them,' thought Hank. [Full article...]
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