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Schweid, Eliezer (Professor)

Professor Eliezer Schweid, is the 1994 Israel Prize laureate who teaches at the Department of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Zionist Imperative:  The Goals of Zionism Today
Herzl's political Zionist vision has been realized by the State of Israel, but the spiritual Zionist vision of Ahad Ha'Am – the creation of a fully developed modern Jewish culture - has not. Despite the desire of most Israeli Jews to maintain their cultural identity, many are “assimilating” to Western ways. To reverse this trend, the Zionist quest to create a Jewish spiritual center in Israel must be actively pursued in Israel by Israelis. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism Revisited

Towards a Homeland:  Understanding Jewish Nationalism
What is Jewish nationalism and it's relationship to Judaism? How can an understanding of Jewish nationalism help us understand the meaning of being a Jew in today's world? [Full article...]
Jewish History > 0600 - 1789: Middle Ages
Zionism > Who is a Zionist?
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

A Symposium :  Zionism and Its Awareness of the Jewish Past
A Symposium held on the occasion of the 13th Convention of the Historical Society of Israel in December 1967, featured Prof. Yaacov Katz, Prof. Benjamin Eliav, Prof. Shmuel Ettinger, and Prof. Eliezer Schweid. [Full article...]

Israel's Role:  The Unity of the Jewish People
Is Israel a unifier or divider of the Jewish people? What currently threatens and preserves the unity of the Jewish people? Read on... [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

One Hundred Years of Zionism:  The Goals of Zionism Today
On the occasion of the centenary of the First Zionist Congress (1897-1997), and verging on the jubilee of the State of Israel (1948-1998), the World Zionist Organization is engaging intensively in rethinking, updating its assumptions, and restructuring organizationally in order to meet changing needs in both Israel and the Diaspora. [Full article...]
Zionism > Zionism Revisited

Viewpoints on Zionism:  Israel as a Zionist State
What does it mean that Israel is a Zionist state? Read on... [Full article...]

Zionist Thought:  The Post Zionist Movement: Origins and Character
For a long time now, many elite academic and intellectual circles have been preaching the advent of the post-Zionist era. Though it be only a small minority, the rest of the nation is at yet at a loss with regards to this phenomenon. For some, post-Zionism is nothing less than the unraveling of the Zionist State and its inherently Jewish nature; for others it is simply an updating of Zionism, more in keeping with the new millenium, and for others it is merely a passing phase. Be that as it may, the existence of the post-Zionist trend as such is a warning sign, reminding us that the mere physical concentration of the Jewish people within their demographic borders in no way guarantees the Judeo-Zionist essence of the state. What, then, are the implications for Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora? [Full article...]
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