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Shapira, Anita

Challenges of the 21st Century:  The Jewish People in the Age of Globalization
In an age of cultural sameness and where everything has been reduced to a commercial commodity, how is Jewish identity and Zionism affected by these challenges? The author outlines the issues of identity and culture in the 21st century. [Full article...]
Israel > Politics
Jewish History > 1948-Today: Modern Zionist Age
Judaism > Israeli Judaism
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

In Historical Context:  Zionism and the Upheavals of the 20th Centery
Discussion of historical phenomena always involves the element of time. Thus, with regard to Zionism, one may ask: Why did it emerge when it did, rather than sooner or later? For an answer to this question, attention needs to be given to the broader historical framework within which Zionism arose. [Full article...]
Jewish History > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age