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Israel Advocacy and Zionist Education:  Reframing Zionism on Campus

In the fight for Israel on campus, Yanai recommends a broader Israel education focus over a single-minded effort to defend Israel in the political arena. [Full article...]
By: Shachar Yanai
Israel > Advocacy
Israel Programs
Media and the Press
Zionism > Zionism and the Diaspora

Dental Volunteers for Israel:  Filling the Gaps in Israeli Society

Dental Volunteers for Israel, a unique program for dentists from abroad who would like to contribute to Israel, provides free dental care to needy Jerusalem children. [Full article...]
By: Batsheva Pomerantz
Aliyah InfoBase > Life as a Tourist (and the next step...)
Israel Programs

Amid Chaos, Life Goes On:  Israel from the Inside

The writers of this article attended the 'Do the Write Thing' conference in Jerusalem in November. Here, they share their impressions on the conflicted region. [Full article...]
By: Laura Mehl Jennifer Bauser
Aliyah InfoBase > Life in Israel
Israel Programs
Media and the Press
Peace Process > Terrorism

A Personal Reflection:  Ulpan Akiva

Efrem Sigel reflects on his experience learning Hebrew at Ulpan Akiva under the shaddow of the intifada. [Full article...]
By: Efrem Sigel
Aliyah InfoBase > Ulpanim
Israel Programs
Judaism > Jewish Languages

Selfless Contribution:  Circles of Giving

Despite the war in Iraq, this group came to comfort and contribute to Israel in her time of need. [Full article...]
By: Ilene Bloch-Levy
Israel Programs
Peace Process > Terrorism

In Answer to your Question...:  Why Should I go to Israel Now?

Many people are reluctant to go to Israel at the present time. This article addresses some common concerns such as cost, security, and timing. [Full article...]
By: Tiffany Brown
Israel Programs
Peace Process > Terrorism
Youth and Hagshama Movements / Organizations

Funding for Israel Programs:  The Israel Scholarship Guide for USA Undergraduate and Graduate Age Students

Funding for Israel-based programs can be found from many sources, both local and national. Check out the following article for ideas on how you can fund your Israel trip! [Full article...]
By: Eliza  Stein
Israel Programs
Youth and Hagshama Movements / Organizations

How to choose an Israel Program:  Pro CHOICE or Pro GRAM

Most of us asked friends and sometimes even family. But this is it: After hours of deliberation you have finally decided to take some time off from school and spend it in Israel. Now the only question is what is, "What should I do?" [Full article...]
By: Eli Birnbaum
Israel Programs

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